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2 Countries 1 SIM

2 Countries 1 SIM 2 Countries 1 SIM
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With 2 Countries 1 SIM your Vectone SIM works like two Vectone SIMs. This free service gives national numbers in two countries, local rates for calls, texts and data in two countries, and lets you receive calls in two countries at no extra charge.

How to get your 2 countries 1 SIM

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Existing customers:

Call Customer Service on + 0769 899 986 or 220 to activate your international mobile number on your existing SIM.

Local Vectone low-cost calls, texts and data in an international destination with no hassle of an extra SIM, and with no roaming charges on your existing account.
If you travel a lot in any of the Vectone 2 in 1 countries and want the same low calls, text and data that local Portuguese (for example) get from Vectone, this is a great plan for you. No more roaming charges and no extra SIM. Simply register a second mobile number on to your existing SIM card. This new international mobile number gives the same great Vectone rates available to locals. Both numbers work off the same Vectone account, so you only have to top up one account to use both numbers.

  • To activate: simply call Customer Services in the UK on 220 or + 0769 899 986 and request a 2-in-1 activation.
  • Activation is immediately available for customers with a New Version SIM.
  • If you have an Old Version SIM, you can request a New Version SIM be sent to you with the new international mobile number pre-loaded for you.
  • Conversion of amounts in your account from Sterling to Euro (and vice versa) will be made according to the conversion exchange rates published on our website.
  • Limit of one 2-in-1 extra number per Vectone account.
  • No special offers apply to the second mobile number. Only the standard local rates of are available.
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